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"The Road to 30%" - Our Industry Goal
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What is GEO-NII?

What is Geothermal Heat Pump technology?

Air Quality 2005 Energy Leaderships and Emissions
Reductions Conference
by Dr. Jim Bose

Coming to terms.

What is IGSHPA?

What is GHPC?

What is NASEO?

Read the NREL (National Renewable Energy Labs)
latest report (11/06) 'the Energy Under Our Feet' 2

What is "The Road to 30%"?

What the EPA says about geothermal heat pumps.

What the ASHRAE says about geothermal heat pumps.
And this.
And this, see page 19...

What the Association of Energy Engineers says
about geothermal heat pumps

What the US Department of Energy says about
geothermal heat pumps

What the Oak Ridge Laboratory says about
geothermal heat pumps

Residential Information about Geothermal heating and cooling from

Are geothermal heat pumps considered as a
renewable resource
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Geothermal heat pumps around the world.

What the US Department of Energy says about
Geothermal Heat Pumps as an emission reduction
. Emissions Calculator.

The world’s first and North America’s only voluntary,
legally binding, rules-based greenhouse gas emission
reduction and trading system

What are Green Tags?

Swiss step up calls for global CO2 tax.

On 1 April 2007 a carbon tax will be introduced to help
New Zealand move towards a low-carbon energy future.

Boulder Colo. to vote on ‘carbon tax' measure seeks
to decrease emissions

Alternatives to Kyoto

What's being done in the states?

What are the financial aspects of geothermal heat pumps?

Life Cycle versus First Cost.

Why is job creation an aspect of geothermal heat pumps?

Information about geothermal heat pumps, ENERGYSTAR
certification, and EPact2005 tax incentives.
And more...
And more....

Geo-nii provides a "Triple E Solution" providing Energy
Independence, Environmental Security and Economic
Prosperity. How.....


Information for end users. 1 2 3

Information for industry professionals.

Information for home owners.

Information for home builders.

Information for commercial and business owners.

Information for schools and municipal buildings.

Technical case studies and templates. (for partners only)

Quotable quotes.

Spotlight projects.

Economic opportunities.

Commnunity Partnerships.

Regional Partnerships.

State Partnerships.


Geo-nii Partners Program.

Geo-nii Professional Partners.

Geo-nii Manufacturing Partners.

Geo-nii Loop Drilling Partners.

Geo-nii Geothermal Material Supplier Partners.

Geo-nii Utility Partners.

Geo-nii Union Partners.

Geo-nii Community Partners.

Geo-nii Eco Partners.

Geo-nii University Partners.

Geo-nii Media Partners.

Information on Programs and Initiatives.

The RIDE Program.

State Programs. 1

Federal Programs. 2.


Current amount of emission reductions attributed to geothermal heat pumps world wide .
6 million tons of CO2 / year!

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